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a tiny story

A very tiny car...
Tinyizer is more than just a simple URL shortener, you can also tinyize your email address, add simple yet effective security to files you host online, track usage on who and how your tinyized URLs are clicked on and much more. We even have developer access so that you can use Tinyizer within your applications.

All the best things in life always seem to come in tiny packages: Advice, mobile phones, espressos, puppies. . .

With Tinyizer, it's our specialty to make things small. Miniscule. Petite. Compact.

Why is this important? Because tiny things are cute. Tiny things are more mobile and easier to carry. Tiny things are more efficient. More convenient. More impressive. — Tiny is the new "More."

Sure, right now it's just your everyday web link, but soon we will have services and wizardry to enhance that web link you're interested in.

Tinyizer is simple. Just paste the link, click the button, and your web link is tinyized! Now it's easier to use your link in emails, discussion groups, tweets, blogs, instant messages, social networks, or anywhere you need to get small!

So use the Tinyizer, for those times in life when size REALLY DOES matter.